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Alarm systems should include this feature. AJAX Systems alarm systems are highly recommended in this area. Notifications are quick and concise, appear on your phone quickly, and have enough information to tell you what is happening. Even if you are using geofencing, you’ll receive a notification immediately after you enter the radius. It will ask you if you wish to activate the alarm. You can click on the information to go to the app and unlock the notice. There were no empty or erroneous notifications. We received all messages within 1-3 seconds.

One of the downsides to this system is its inability to integrate seamlessly with other platforms or systems. You want your alarm system to work in a smart home. If you set the alarm for night mode, your lights go out immediately, and the TV and shutters turn off. AJAX Systems provides that option with its smart plugs, built-in switches, and relay switches. These switches can switch equipment or lamps Ajax Systems and can be operated through the app. You are limited to AJAX Systems’ products, and there are few automation options in the app. The smart plug (Socket) can be turned on or off when an alarm sounds. It is possible to set up a schedule that will tell the plug when it turns on or off. They also provide voltage protection and indicate how much power is being used.

This is fine for people who want to extend their alarm by adding a few scenes with lamps or other devices to it. However, it will not work for those who already have innovative equipment in their homes or use another platform or hub to automate their lives. . AJAX Systems is an active company that listens to its customers. The company has promised to create an API that can be integrated with multiple platforms and standards in the coming year. This will make it even more attractive for those serious about innovative home technology. AJAX Systems has a page where you can vote for the features you’d like to see. AJAX Systems’ products are what we have for now. It isn’t bad considering its high-quality security and reliability. But, we look forward to the additional possibilities available in the following months to make it an integral part of smart homes. You will be able to.

AJAX Systems is the most intelligent alarm system we have ever tested, with a few minor improvements. The system works flawlessly. The progress is in the possibility of linking it with home automation software. This will likely occur, but it is only a matter of time. The price is an important aspect. AJAX Systems alarm system is expensive. A basic package, which can be used to secure your entire home and property, will cost you around 1,000 Euros. On the other hand, you get a flawless system, innovative products, excellent support, great service, ease to use, many setting options, and future proof.

We believe this system is worth the price if safety and high quality are top priorities. Like a true Dutchman, you can also save money by installing the system yourself. AJAX Systems can be your best choice if you want a reliable and cost-effective alarm system but don’t want to invest in a wired system.

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